Lloyd Claycomb II, – is CEO and Chairman of the Board of United Builders Service, Inc. and AviBree Real Estate Holding, Inc., is currently serving on Donald Trump’s Transition Finance Committee, and is the State Finance Chairman for Trump Victory Arizona. Motivated by policy reform, he served on the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct, to which he was appointed by former AZ Governor Jan Brewer. His political roles and appointments is preceded by a long history of successful entrepreneurial initiatives. Lloyd is an international businessman with a proven track record of creating goodwill with foreign nationals, primarily due to his extensive travels and efficacy for developing strong cultural ties in each country he visits.
After donating $250,000 and raising an additional $2M in support of President Trump and the Republican Party, Lloyd continues to bundle and fundraise for the RNC and makes constituent services a top priority. After 38 years as a business owner and entrepreneur with a strong national presence, Lloyd and his team of professionals have assisted companies and government entities in solving problems relating to housing, financing, transportation, real estate development, education, military and more. As an international executive, he has developed powerful competencies in negotiation, banking, bonding, legal arenas, and communication.
Lloyd is well known for his organizational, analytical and aggressive management style as well as his keen ability to motivate and inspire others to succeed. This skillset has been advantageous in his many philanthropic endeavors. He organizes and supervises dozens of charitable events each year, including fundraisers for Autism Awareness, Amazing Facts International, Our Children International, Maranatha International Volunteers and The Suva, Fiji Missions along with many other humanitarian programs. During his tenure as a board member for Maranatha International Volunteers, a charitable organization focusing on providing for impoverished children across the globe, Mr. Claycomb supervised the construction of dozens of churches and schools in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico and is personally responsible for the construction of an orphanage and medical facility in San Juan Opico, El Salvador which currently serves 160 orphans. This year, he was appointed to the Board of Directors for Adventist World Aviation, an international non-profit organization working to provide medical services, evacuations and humanitarian services to impoverished people in Central & South America, North America, and Southeast Asia. His most recent appointments include National Director of the United States Navy League, a nonprofit advocacy group that supports America’s Naval and Marine servicemen, and Board Member of the Maricopa County Youth Assistance Foundation, a foundation which supports programs that prevent youth violence and promotes social development, good role models, and positive interaction with law enforcement.
His track record as an international businessman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur has become the foundation for his public service career – one, where he is able to align his personal and family beliefs with the goal of giving back to the International and American communities.


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