Press Release

Lloyd Claycomb, who has been amongst President TrumpGÇÖs top donors, has announced his on-going support for his administration

Lloyd Claycomb, who has been amongst President Trump’s top donors, has announced his on-going support for his administration. The CEO of Colorado-based United Builders Service was appointed to Trump’s Transition Finance Committee and Inauguration committee following his appointment to the 2016 State Victory Finance Chairs. Mr. Lloyd Claycomb played a leading role in campaigning for President Donald Trump during the Republican campaign and was named as one of the most generous contributors.

Raising nearly twice as much as Barack Obama’s 2009 record of $53 million, President Trump has seen the ongoing financial support of wealthy individuals like Lloyd Claycomb – a prominent American philanthropist and businessman. Mr. Claycomb, who has been an outspoken Trump supporter since the beginning of the Election campaign, is the current CEO and Chairman of the Board of United Builders Service and AviBree Real Estate Holding, Inc and has recently increased his involvement in Arizona politics. Apart from meeting privately with Senator Delegate Scott Taylor, Lloyd Claycomb was also named National Director of the Navy League of the United States. Now, Mr. Claycomb has reiterated his support for President Trump despite growing turmoil in the administration. His generous contribution of $100k to President Trump’s 2016 Election campaign saw Lloyd seek increasing involvement in American politics in an on-going effort of bridging the gap between American politics and social service.

In line with Mr. Claycomb’s continuous involvement with President Trump’s campaign and facilitating his transition to power, the Denver-based businessman has been an outspoken supporter of the Republican agenda. His recent meeting with Congressman Scott Taylor, are a clear demonstration of Lloyd’s commitment to facilitating Trump’s political causes that support the American people. His participation in the Cleveland 2016 Convention, where he met RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and discussed policy changes, the Trump campaign, and funding for the Republican Party resulted in increased exposure for Cleveland as a business hub to be developed. As a local businessman, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Lloyd Claycomb is committed to continue supporting other fellow politicians, who share the same values, ideals, social and political goals as himself.